Does Temporary Dental Crown Adhesive Contain Latex?

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No latex in dental cements

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Dental cements do not contain latex.  If you'd like to double check, ask your dentist to check with the manufacturer.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

Los Angeles Dentist

Latex and crown cements

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Latex allergy is certainly a concern in dental practice, but I know of no temporary or permanent cements that contain latex. It might be possible for cements to be manufactured in facilities that also process latex products, although I have never heard of any issues with this. Always tell your dentist of any concern you might have about latex.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

Latex in adhesive

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Dental temporary and permanent adhesives do not contain latex, so if you have latex allergies you should not worry about that.

Zina Kaleinikova, DDS, MS
Cleveland Dentist

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Temporary Crown Cement

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As far as I know I have never heard of any dental cement that contains latex.  As long as the cement that is used is from a reputable manufacturer there should be no latex. These days more and more people are becoming allergic to latex and as a result I cannot see it being incorporated into the cement.  If you want to make sure ask your dentist to confirm.  

Dan Haas, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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