What can I do about my creepy loose skin on my arms?

in the last 4 months I have noticed a drastic change in my skin on my arms. My skin is so crepey and loose. I look like a 90 year old and I am only 69. Even my daughter are concerned about the quick decline in my skin texture.

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Treatment of loose skin of the upper arm

Judging by your description it appears that you would require an arm lift (brachioplasty) in order to remove the extra skin. This normally requires an incision on the inside of the arm extending from the elbow into the armpit area. Unfortunately it is unlikely that anything less than a full brachioplasty will give you a satisfactory outcome. Good luck

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Arm lift

As we age, we usually lose elasticity in the skin and this can be very evident in the skin of the upper arm.  I would recommend that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation regarding an arm lift or brachioplasty.  If the skin is limited mainly to your upper arm, you may be a candidate for a minimal procedure with a small incision right under your armpit.  If the loose skin extends down toward your elbow, you might need a longer scar.  Most brachioplasty patients are happy to trade a thin scar for unsightly loose skin.

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What can I do about my creepy loose skin on my arms?

Please provide photos for me to make a recommendation.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Do you need a brachioplasty?

It would be helpful to see a photograph of what you are describing. It sounds like you would be well served by a brachioplasty, but you should see a board-certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation. You could get a better idea of what would be most appropriate for you.

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What can I do about my creepy loose skin on my arms?

Thanks for the question. Best to seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you will be pleased with. Learn about the pros/cons/possible risks/complications associated with the procedure as well. 
The arm lifting procedure is a great procedure to remove excess skin and adipose tissue of the upper arms. However, this procedure carries a major drawback: difficult scarring that may require scar revision (more so, in my experience, then other procedures).
I have tried placement of the resulting scars in the bicipital groove (between the biceps and triceps muscles) as well as a long the inferior–lower aspect of the upper arm. I have found higher patient satisfaction with the latter approach. If the excision can be planned such that the scar falls along the frontal aspect of the lower arm, then the scar may be visible only when the patient raises his/her arms.
As with many plastic surgical procedures, the planning of the incisions and resulting scar line is critical. However, even with attention to detail, the resulting scars may not be ideal and revisionary surgery is often necessary to improve the appearance (for example, the width) of the scars.
You may find the attached link, dedicated to arm lifting surgery concerns, helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes as you work towards your goals.

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Loose skin on arms

I would suggest visiting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area for a consultation.  The treatment best for you can be determined after an examination and review of your health history.  It may be as simple as a treatment that can be performed in the office such as ThermiSmooth or something more involved like brachioplasty.  Best wishes!

Camille Cash, MD
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Arm lift

Thank you for your question.  You will need to be evaluated in person by a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine what would be the best course of action for improving the appearance of your arms.  Liposuction and/or arm lift can improve the appearance of the arms, but liposuction alone with poor skin elasticity could leave you dissatisfied with your results.

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What can I do about my creepy loose skin on my arms?

If you have considerable loose excess skin at your arms, the best way to fix this is to get an arm lift (brachioplasty).  For minor changes, there are numerous non-surgical options to consider.  Be sure to consult with an experience board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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Arm lift - arms suddenly crepey and loose

Thank you for asking about your arm lift.

  • Unfortunately, our bodies do change with age -
  • And for reasons that aren't clear, they can change suddenly.
  • If it is only the skin that has changed, treatment can include avoiding sun exposure, Skin Pen (microneedling) of the skin to thicken it, vitamin C (if you don't eat fresh citrus fruit) and even - according to a recent report - Botox skin injections.
  • If the tissues are loose and hanging, then an arm lift is the best treatment -
  • It will remove hanging skin although the skin texture itself may not improve with surgery.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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What can I do about my creepy loose skin on my arms?

Thank you for your question.  Based only on your narrative and age I would recommend researching a brachioplasty, or arm-lift.  This procedure will remove excess skin and adipose tissue from your upper arms creating a more balanced transition from your shoulder to your elbow.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation for the best recommendation.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
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