Are there any procedure to widen the nostril so as to improve breathing. Due to deviated septum my one nostril is blocked.

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Improving breathing through nasal surgery

This is a great question! There are many procedures that can be performed to help with your nasal breathing. A septoplasty will correct a deviated septum, whereas sometimes a patient requires a rhino-septoplasty to not only correct the septum, but correct the internal nasal valve and open up the nasal airways and provide improvement in nasal breathing. Placement of cartilage grafts may sometimes widen the bridge or dorsum of the nose, but would not change the actual size of the nostrils (at least not externally). It seems like you will need to be formally examined before knowing what your surgical options entail! Good Luck to you!

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Improving breathing with nasal surgery

If the nostril is blocked by the septum, a septoplasty (with or without rhinoplasty) may be all you need to improve the airflow. Some deviations, such as at the caudal end (the leading edge of the septum) require additional techniques like a caudal end strut graft to maintain support of the nose. A detailed exam can usually reveal whether the problem is just the septum or a combination of septum, nasal valve area, inferior turbinates, various nasal masses, etc. Note that none of this actually requires widening the nostrils.

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Blocked nostril

Absolutely! If one nostril is small or closed because the caudal septum is kicked over to that side, this can be fixed with a septorhinoplasty. 

See a facial plastic surgeon for your concerns

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If the blockage of the airway is due to the septum, then a septoplasty will address this. Regards enlarging the nostril though, this is difficicult, but if the objective is a free passage of air flow then the septum is likely the solution.

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Rhinoplasty for breathing

Thank you for your question.  Many rhinoplasties are, in fact, performed for improvement in function (breathing) not just for appearance.   Without pictures - or better yet an exam - it is difficult to say if your nose would be amenable to such treatments.  Sometimes the septum itself can be treated with good relief of symptoms.  Others require a more involved procedure such as rhinoplasty with internal cartilage grafts to improve nasal airflow.  It would be best to seek out a board certified surgeon with experience to help you understand your options. Best of luck!

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Breathing procedures

Septoplasty, turbinate reduction, alar batten grafts, spreader grafts---these are several examples of procedures that can be done to either widen the nostrils internally, or support the nose so it doesn't collapse while breathing. However, they typically won't make the outside of your nostrils look any wider.

An in-person exam by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is necessary to determine the correct procedure for you. I suggest you consult with surgeons in your area for treatment recommendations. Good luck!

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