I'm self conscious about how severely my neck slopes into my chin - how can I fix it?

The shape of my chin is okay but the skin directly beneath it slopes straight down into my neck and gives the appearance of a double chin/turkey neck in profile and in some angles front on. Im very self conscious about it. I'm only 24, but the look of my neck is absolutely going to get worse in future judging by the rest of the women in my family. I'm not overweight and have not experienced huge weight loss in the past.

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Neck Lift

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Thank you for your question. It is always helpful to have pictures. Your description of a turkey neck indicates that Kybella may be the best solution for you. As the only FDA-approved injectible drug that decreases submental fullness due to submental fat (turkey neck), Kybella is a very effective method to improve the neck profile while offering patients a smooth recovery. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Neck rejuvenation

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Thanks for sharing. In general, current neck and lower face rejuvenation treatments include:
  1. Surgical Neck lift* with a Lower Facelift would be the gold standard and gets the best overall results in the jowls and neck and indicated in middle age and older patients
  2. Surgical Neck lift* which involves lifting and removing loose skin would be the next best procedure
  3. Neck Liposuction and/or Laser Lipolysis if only fat removal is required, typically in a younger patient. (A platysmaplasty can be added for further muscle tightening if needed)
  4. Ultherapy is an FDA approved non invasive tightening using ultrasound technology
  5. Kybella is a new FDA approved series of injections that melts fat under the chin
  6. Cool Sculpting is FDA approved energy device to removed fat from under the chin as well. 
  7. Botox to the platysma bands to decrease their activity and show
*It is important the a Neck lift involves some liposuction and importantly a platysmaplasty which is a procedure that tightens the underlying loose neck muscles.  You are relatively young. It is possible that the later options may be needed.  Consult with several board certified faciall platic / plastic surgeons experienced in face and neck rejuvenation to discuss your options

Raymond E. Lee, MD
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Neck shape and slope

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For better, for worse, much of your neck shape and "slope" can be attributed to genetics.  The overall shape and structure of your neck is determined by a few things: your jawline and chin, the height and position of your voicebox, overall length of your neck, and your tendency to hold fat and skin under your chin.  You can thank your family for the majority of these anatomical factors!  The ability for surgery or other treatment to improve your neck contour should be determined during an in-person consultation with a surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery.  A full exam is necessary to fully evaluate your neck and adjacent structures.Having said that, most surgeons would not advocate a neck lift procedure in someone your age.  In general, it would be unnecessary and unlikely to give you the result you are looking for.  Other procedures exist, however, that may improve your neck contour, including Kybella, submental liposuction, and submentoplasty.  Again, the best treatment for you can be determined in a consultation.  Best of luck!

Kyle T. Yamamoto, MD
Reno Facial Plastic Surgeon

Neck fullness

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For most patients with naturally full necks,the problem area is deep in the neck below the skin and platysma muscle.  There is a deep fat pad centrally and large salivary glands on either side of this fat pad and sometimes even bulky muscles deeper in the neck.  Through a short scar under the chin, we can get access to this area and debulk these tissues to create a much sharper angle to the neckline.  For young patients, this does not require any scars around the ears or any skin removal.

Dino R. Elyassnia, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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