Surgically Widening Eye Shape?

I hate the shape/ size of my eyes and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to change them. I've always wanted WIDER, more almond-shaped eyes. Is there a way to slightly extend the corners of my eyes or do Anything to widen/lengthen the shape of my eyes.

Although slightly less droopy. I am only 21 and aware most eyes surgeries are for older people. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I just hate my eyes.

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Surgically Widening Eye Shape?

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There is a surgical technique for widening the eyes. This is done in patients who have an Asian - type eyes. The procedure is very extensive and require precision detachment of the corner of the eye tendon and reattachment closer to the eye. This requires incision along the hairline with subsequent scars. You must be extensively consulted about all aspects of this very specialized surgery and have a legitimate and documented concern.

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very difficult to answer without photos or a personal examination.

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Dear Username

Yes, there are all sorts of surgeries out there.  Do you need them?  One concern that I have when faced with such a general question is whether the individual posing the question has a condition called body dysmorphic disorder.  This is an unusual sensitivity to aesthetic issues that either do not actually exist or are so minor that others do not notice them.  Generally the individual has trouble thinking about anything but this issue and may avoid social situations out of concern that people are talking, or making fun of the appearance.  If this sounds like you, then the first step is to actually seek out counseling.  Honestly know one will actually cure you of these thoughts but instead will help you gain insight into why you have the thoughts.  It is interesting to me that I have a number of BDD patients who run hedge funds.  I think that the attention to details that these people have that others do not notice helps them in other areas of their lives.  However, one has to be careful having surgery because it is easy to have surgery but hard to effectively communicate the aesthetic concerns to potential surgeons.



Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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