My eyes are not equal. The left eyelid is lower than the right. How to Correct Asymmetrical Eyes?

my eyes are not equal. the left eyelid is lower than the right but only slightly so i don't mind it but the problem is my left eye is raised above more than the right. Is there any surgery or method that will make my left eye look like the right? Please help me Im getting teased alot because of this and i know its not that bad but i really really want them fixed. so please help me. sorry i cant pose a picture..

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Correction assymetrical eyes

It is important to recognize that we are all assymetric. We might notice one eybrow a little lower than the other, when in fact, the entire orbit is lower than the other. Careful evalutation by a patient together with a physician will help to identify what things might be corrected.

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Dear Jose, You are describing ptosis (mild) which can be due to many different causes.  It may be due to underlying facial (bony) asymmetry or other reasons.  Ptosis surgery can correct or camouflage the asymmetry.  Using nonsurgical techniques (combination of botox and fillers) can also do the trick.  Recommend consult with an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Dear Jose

Thank you for your question.  Asymmetries of the eyes can be diffcult to balance.  The underlying structures- bone, eyeball - can not be changed. The upper eyelid position can be adjusted with a formal ptosis correction or with a small adjustment of the muscle and skin if the eyelid.  BOTOX can also be used to adjust the upper and lower eyelid position.  There are a variety of surgical techniques to shape the upper and  lower eyelids- these will vary widely depending on the surgeon and their training.

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