I've had otoplasty twice. I have intense pain in right ear after sleeping on that side. What could possibly be wrong?

Octoplasty twice, once in 1975 and in 1995 to redo. 6mons after last surgery started waking up with intense pain in right ear. It appears to happen mostly if I sleep on sound on my right side but doesnt wake me up. The pain can last a full day. I have delth with pain for years. I can feel like a stitch in back fold. I probably need to consult a plastic surgeon. Any idea what they would recommend or the cost?

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I have intense pain in right ear after sleeping on that side.

Your ear appears swollen and inflamed. If permanent sutures/threads were used, the cause could be that one or several threads have moved to the surface of the skin and perforated it. In this case the threads must be removed. Please go to your surgeon who can examine your ear, determine the real reason for this painful swelling and then know what to do about it.

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There is probably a permanent stitch causing either nerve irritation or skin irritation. The fix would be to remove that stitch. Relatively minor procedure that can done by a competent surgeon.



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