I have under eye wrinkles - 18 years old.

I once had an infection in my eye and it had a lot of itching and after rectory I have developed wrinkles under my eyes which are not going now I don't know how to treat it plz help

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Under eye wrinkle at young age

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It's best to consult with a board-certified physician and have them take a look. At such young age it is not best to pursue fillers yet.  You can start with eye cream that contains vitamin A derivative (Retin A) or vitamin K to soften the area.  It takes time but helps.

Los Angeles Dermatologist

Young with wrinkles

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With young patients the best treatment is topical skin creams (Vitamin A creams etc). I work with a dermatologist to offer a multidisciplinary team for patients. It has been very successful. See a dermatologist for this issue as they will know best about the effects of lotions and potions on the skin!

Another thing to keep in mind is allergies. In young people your immune system is strong so this could lead to further itching (even in your sleep) which will make the problem worse.

Hope this helps.

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Benjamin Caughlin, MD
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Photos will help

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Photos of the wrinkles by your eyes will help.  The different types of wrinkles and their location can have different treatments, especially in a young person.

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