Can I widen the distance between my eyes through surgery? (photo)

I've been concerned about my eyes as I think they're very close to each other And possibly the minimum cost for the surgery

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Distance between the eyes

The distance between the eyes (intercanthal distance) cannot be easily change surgically.  The eye sockets are bony structures fixed in the head.  The corners of the eyes are attached to the bony eye sockets and are fixed in position for structural and functional purposes.  

It is possible to create an optical illusion of wider or narrower space through rhinoplasty or nose surgery.  A taller bridge of the nose at the radix (the deepest part of the bridge usually between the eyes)  will give the illusion of narrower space between the eyes.  Similarly a lower or deeper radix, gives the illusion of a wider intercanthal space.  

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Widening the space between the eyebrows.

Judicious use of fillers and selective hair removal can be used to give the illusion of widened space.  Surgery for this would not be wise.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
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