Why is the asymmetry of my eyes getting worse? (photo)

Is there anything I can do to fix he asymmetry of my face . . Particularly my eyes? I'm not sure why, but it definitely is getting worse and more noticeable than before. I don't feel comfortable taking pics anymore and worry that people are focusing on that when they are talking to me.

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Agree with Dr. Martin.

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You have upper eyelid retraction.  The most common cause to this is thyroid related orbital disease.  Your internist can test your thyroid function.  The eyelids should be assessed by a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.  They can also discuss with you how this is managed.  I also have information regarding this in my free ebook on eyelid surgery cited below.

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Assymetry of lids

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You have very pretty eyes and a very minimal asymmetry of the lids.  It is so minimal that I would leave it alone.  You might also want to get an opinion from an oculoplstic surgeon.

Thyroid disease likely

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Judging from the one photo, it appears that your eyes are bulging, especially the right. Thyroid-related Graves' disease is the most likely cause. You should consult an Oculoplastic (oculofacial plastic surgeon) regarding this condition. Non-surgical option including Botox and specialized eye drops could help you. Surgery should be reserved for vision threatening situations. 

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Eye Asymmetry

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Dear Jujujetjules.

The fact that you can see white (sclera) above and below your iris (the colored part of the eye) requires that you see a doctor.  Sometimes this can be hereditary and related to significant near-sightedness, sometimes it can be an indicator of thyroid disease, other times it can be because of a congenital lack of attachment of some of the eyelid muscles.  In order to address this situation, a proper diagnosis must be made.  Eyelid cosmetic surgery done without this information can lead to prolonged problems. If you would like, I can see you in consultation.

Best of luck,

Dr. Michelle Yagoda

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Why is the asymmetry of my eyes getting worse?

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See an oculoplastic specialist or ophthalmologist for eye evaluation. You may have thyroid eye disease or other, causing eyelid retraction and possibly bulging eyes. See link below.

Eyelid Asymmetries

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I notice quite prominent eyes with the left side in the picture being worse. There is retraction of the upper lids and the scleral white is showing under the upper lid. This is usually not the case; in fact, the upper lid should cover a little of the iris. Sometimes, thyroid disease can be responsible for this and you want to evaluate with your physician. 

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Eyelid retraction

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You have eyelid retraction worse on the left.  This means the lid is too high and you can see white sclera above the cornea.  While you may have had this all your life, it can also indicate possible thyroid issues - especially if you have noticed it worsening.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for an evaluation of your eyelid muscles. 

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