Will these extended upper eyelid scars always be noticeable? (photos)

I had upper eyelid surgery to treat my hooded eyes 10 days ago. During the consultation I was told that the incision would only be in the crease of my eyelid and to the end of my eye. After surgery I was shocked to find that the lenght of the incision was much longer than the surgeon originally advised. Is this normal for it to be this long and will this type of scar disappear? Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process? Thank you

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Upper eye bleph

The scars may be a little longer than usual.  But they always go beyond the corner of the eye.  If you had a fair amount of skin laterally they may have continued out there to remove it.  The good news is that this skin heals very nicely and you will rarely see a scar.  If you do get a scar it can be improved with some laser. 

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Healing incisions

In order to remove extra skin on the outside of the lid the incision must extend into a smile line. In my experience these scars heal invisibly. I believe they heal better than the incisions on the inside of the lid as there is no tension with blinking.  The body has great power to heal and the best approach for you is to do nothing and be patient. Best of luck.

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