Will Sleeping on Your Side Affect the Result of Facial Fat Transfer?

I had facelift revision and fat transfer to face and lips 3 days ago and am able to sleep on my side. If i do, would this affect the position of the fat transfer in my face.

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Fat transfer

Fat can move with pressur, therefore you need to be very carefull.

Using a neck pillow may help you sleep on your back, or sleeping in a recliner may help with the swelling and keep you from putting pressure on the fat grafted area. Ask you surgeon for advise and follow their instructions.

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Facial fat transfer

Fat injections when done with a facelift might have a greater tendency to move with pressure as there has been more manipulation than when the injections are done without a lift. Try to sleep with on your back as much as possible, and with your head elevated on two pillows for the first several days. ( There is no scientific answer as to how many days is crucial).

Ronald Shelton, MD
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