How Long Does It Take to See Final Results of Fat Grafting from Tummy to Medial Inner Thighs?

I got 150 cc fat transfer from my tummy to my left media inner thigh, how long it will take to see final results on this type a procedure??? Please respond. Thanks!

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Fat injections

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Not all fat cells live in a fat graft or fat injection treatment, and often these consist of a series of treatments, not just one. There is a significant variability in responses to fat injections and one session may be more effective than the other. There can be continued reduction in the fat cells as the ones that don't live slowly go away. More treatments can build on the success of the first and the time in between treatments can vary signficantly depending on your outcome.

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4 months for final volume result with fat grafting procedures

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In general, about 4 months needs to elapse before an assessment of fat graft survival can be made. This applies to the face, the breasts, and the thighs as well. In regions with large surface area, like the medial thighs, its not uncommon to require supplemental fat grafting procedures to optimize the long term results.

Fat transfer

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Initially after fat transfer there will be an increase in volume, due to fat , swelling , On the long run it depends why the fat was transfered to the medial thigh

? is it because of bad liposuction results? if so then the scarring may interfer with the fat staying.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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