Will I Lose my Fat Graft with Weight Loss?

I could not be more displeased with my fat grafting results. My PS made my cheeks far, far too full...I look chipmunk/pig-like and it is terrible. I am currently about 15lbs above my normal weight. Can I lose the grafting with weight loss? The grafting acts like regular/live fat cells, correct? If this is the case I would assume it is definitely possible. At least this is what I'm praying...I'm shooting for at least 15-25 and hoping to restore my normal features...

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Fat grafts may not lose volume as you lose weight

Fat grafts might be taken from exercise-resistant fat depots and may not decrease their volume with exercise. If you had stubborn outer thighs, or a lower abdominal pouch that was unresponsive to diet and exercise and fat was harvested from this area for use in the fat graft, then you may not see thinning out of your chipmunk cheeks as you lose weight. REMEMBER though, that there is considerable swelling after fat injections in many people and it can last for three to four weeks, or even more, on the face. Furthermore, no one retains 100% of their fat cells after fat grafting injections, so some will dissolve on their own and this will reduce your swelling further. See your doctor for ongoing followup.

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Fat Grafting and Weight Loss

I am sorry to hear you are not happy with your results, however, you may continue to lose volume depending upon how far out from your procedure you are at the moment.  If you are a few weeks out, there will likely be continued resorption of your fat to about 50% of the initial volume is what we expect.  Also, your fat will respond to weight loss and gain like normal fat.  So, if you continue to lose weight, the fat cells will reduce in volume.  Patience is a virtue with this procedure.

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