When Can I Sleep Lying Down Again After Rhinoplasty?

2 questions. When can i sleep lying down or on my side again im 10 weeks PO. Also I know this sounds silly but is it ok to yawn or chew anything hard 10 weeks PO its just when I yawn it feels sore especially near the bone, when I chew something hard I can feel it to. I'm not moving bones around if I do this am I ?

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Sleeping after Rhinoplasty

After 10 weeks you should be able to sleep on your side, but you can still keep your head slightly elevated on 2 pillows.  Hard foods will no cause problems, but listen to your body, and as Dr. Dunagan suggested, listen to your surgeon.

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Post rhinoplasty concerns

Any concerns you have are best addressed by your original surgeon, but typically you should be okay to sleep lying down or on your side. I've had my patients participate in unlimited activity after 6 weeks following their operation. It's also normal to still have some soreness. But again I would urge you to check in with your surgeon for his or her recommendations.

Deason Dunagan, MD
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