Where can I find the best plastic surgeons who do closed rhinoplasty?

If no such list or ranking exists, how would I even begin to assess the countless plastic surgeons out there? (you see, I'm not opposed to traveling to get the operation. I just want to make sure I get a really good surgeon...)

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Best plastic surgeons who do closed rhinoplasty

There is no definitive list ranking rhinoplasty surgeons. The ASPS website is a good starting point to find a qualified board certified plastic surgeon. Consult with 3 - 4 surgeons to understand your options.

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Surgeons who perform closed rhinoplasty

There is no such list ranking closed versus open rhinoplasty surgeons.  Look for a plastic surgeon who has performed many thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries and has many before and after photos in their photo gallery.  Also look for someone who performs many closed revision rhinoplasties.  In our practice we perform the majority of noses closed.  We generally perform revision rhinoplasty closed even if the nose has been opened in the past.  It is also important to make sure you have a board certified facial plastic surgeon, board certified anesthesiologist placing you under anesthesia, and done in a certified ambulatory surgery center.  

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Best Surgeon to do Closed Rhinoplasty

There are advantages and disadvantages to either method.  The technique used depends on what needs to be done, and what would best suit the patient.  This is where finding an experienced board certified surgeon (Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology) is important.  Look at the credentials.  Then look at the respective before and after photos.  Go see at least three surgeons.  Take photos with you of noses that you find attractive.  Make a list of questions.  Together you and the surgeon can determine the best operation for you...

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Excellent Surgeons who do Closed Rhinoplasty

 Don't  worry, an experienced surgeon will do both closed and open rhinoplasty procedures. You are fortunate - there are many excellent surgeons in NYC. I suggest you go online and find surgeons whose results you like and then schedule a consultation witth those individuals.

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Closed Rhinoplasty versus Open Rhinoplasty

The question you ask is bound to raise some eyebrows among the experts. This a topic that has been hotly debated for many years. There are some surgeons that are particularly passionate about open Rhinoplasty and others that are equally passionate about closed technique. In the end, a surgeon's passion likely reflects his or her own assessment of their work: those that feel they achieve superior results with one particular approach over the other will have a passionate viewpoint.

Given that I perform 99% of my noses in a closed fashion, I may be somewhat biased in my response here. But there are times that I will choose to convert a procedure from closed to open or chose to do a procedure open from the start. Yesterday, I converted a closed procedure to an open one because of a high septal deformity that was impossible to fix safely using a closed technique. Other situations that may require an open approach for me are revisions that are more reconstructive in nature and deviated noses in which the asymmetries are not reliably corrected with a closed technique.

Profile-plasty, in my opinion, should almost never be done open. Extra dissection of the tip structures for the open approach is not warranted if no tip work is being done. As with everything else, there are exceptions.

I feel comfortable correcting most deviations, most revisions, and doing most tip-plasty techniques closed. The swelling reduction after surgery and the constant feedback during the operation make the closed approach superior in my opinion. However, these benefits do not outweigh the small skin incision used in an open approach, especially if your result will be superior with an open.

My advice: choose the surgeon based on the body of work, rather than their approach. Most surgeons are comfortable with both and will choose the type of Rhinoplasty that, in their hands, will result in the best outcome for you down the line.

Best of luck.

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There is no ranking list for any specific operations such as rhinoplasty

There are many qualified, expert surgeons who perform intra-nasal rhinoplasty. A number are right here in NYC. You should seek out a surge ion who performs rhinoplasty as a large proportion of their practice. View their website and see if you like or can relate to their before and afters. 

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Closed or Open Rhinoplasty

There is no list of surgeons doing closed rhinoplasty, as almost all surgeons do some rhinoplasties closed. As we have learned better methods of correcting the different problems of the nose, we have reduced how much we resect and increased the support provided to the nose. These changes have been easier with open methods. However, for relatively straightforward problems, a closed procedure is still an excellent solution. In my career, I have moved from 95% closed to about 80% open and my results have improved. Instead of worrying about the method, find a Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in rhinoplasty and trust him/her to pick the method that will give you the best result.

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Four steps in choosing plastic surgeon

Research on the internet as closed Rhinoplasty is a common way to perform Rhinoplasty. 

Follow these four simple-common sense steps when selecting your plastic and cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgeon.

#1. First and foremost, listen to the aesthetic judgement of the surgeon. Does it sound like something that would enhance your appearance? Proper beauty aesthetics are easy to comprehend when properly explained. If it sounds reasonable to you, then proceed to step two. If it doesn’t sound right to you…..get another opinion. There is simply no substitute for sound aesthetic judgement!

#2. Ask yourself if the surgeon has the experience to do what he/she is suggesting. Don’t be afraid to ask the surgeon-"how many times have you performed this procedure?" Most important of all-be sure to see real before and after photographs of patients who have undergone the same procedure. Do not settle for computer simulations! The computer will not be altering your looks----the surgeon will! This is extremely important because, there is no substitute for experience! If you are satisfied, then proceed to step three-if you are not sure, then get another opinion!

#3. Once the first two steps have been met, you can factor in the price. Prior to this you’re not certain which procedure is right for you-therefore the price should be irrelevant. Step three is a point where you can be fairly comfortable with the level of surgical competence and overall satisfaction, so you may want to compare costs. Minor differences in costs may reflect such things as, how much of the finishing stitches does the surgeon do-or does the assistant complete this portion of the procedure. How well are the incisions hidden and how often will you have follow-up visits with the surgeon. There are reasons for price differences-be sure that you understand exactly what you are/are not getting! You may opt to pay the higher price for more personalized care! You can continue on to the fourth and final step.

#4. This is more of an intuitive step than the previous three. Here you may want to factor in variables like the board certification of the surgeon. Does he/she carry an impressive reputation in the community or carry a university teaching affiliation? How do you feel about the surgeon and the office staff? Follow your gut instincts-----they will serve you well!

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Why do you want to have open rhinoplasty

There are very few indications for the open rhinoplasty. Majority of  plastic surgeons prefer the open rhinoplasty . The reason is the predictability and also long term lasting result. Close rhinoplasty is hit and miss because of the lack of observation of the anatomy.  I would suggest that you look for the best plastic surgeon for your nose and let your doctor decide which technique is going to work better for you.

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Best Plastic Surgeon


You can start by looking at before and afters on websites. If you like what you see, make an appointment for a consultation, meet the surgeon and take it from there. You can ask to speak to patients of that surgeon etc.  Make sure you see more than one surgeon.




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