How Can I Get Skin Removed from Legs Without Extra Cost or for Tissue Donation of Skin for Burn Patience?

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Donating skin for skin grafting in burn patients

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I would discuss your request with the American Burn Association.  Every state has a regional burn center for the most part.  Donation of skin is a very noble act.

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Donating your skin after Surgery

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There are organizations that will take "donated" skin after surgery. There is no additional cost to the patient, but this WILL NOT lower your cost of surgery - you do not get any discount for donating. It actually requires significant paperwork and time on the part of the surgeon. Not all skin is suitable for donation, especially think skin in someone who has lost a lot of weight.  Keep in mind, the organization that accepts the skin and processes it for use, is a for-profit orgnanization. It may eventually find its way to burn victims, but also may be made into other dermal products that are resold to hospitals and doctors for a profit.  If you are looking to donate your skin for a purely altruistic reason, I recommend other ways....dontate blood, donate clothes, donate your time, etc. There is not a shortage of skin for use in burn victims. If you are looking to donate skin (as many people are) in order to get some sort of discount on your surgery, that is not an option.

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