How to Remove Bump and a Scar On my Forehead? (photo)

i have this bump and scar from 10 years and till now its there on my forehead the scar is from stiches and the bump/lump i got by falling on ground with broken glass bottle on the ground?

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Scars on the forehead associated with a bump

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The bump likely represents scar tissue, a cyst, or foreign body. Scar revision can help fix all of these three issues through surgical excision of the area of scar tissue.

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Removal of lump and scar on forehead

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If the bump on your forehead is relatively soft and not hard like the bone, it should be able to be removed surgically.  The scar in the middle of your forehead could also be surgically excised.  It appears that the scar may also be depressed.  If this is the case, then a filler could also help to make it less noticeable.  

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How to Remove Bump and a Scar On my Forehead?

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First obtain a soft tissue scan to see if any foreign bodies like glass is present. Than ONLY excision scar revision will correct. 

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