Why is there a obvious bump still after nasal rasping? If it's permanent, when can I have it rasped down again? (Photo)

I had rasping done almost 2 weeks ago. I took the taping of, there was improvement of the bump however was not completely smooth. Last two pics are before. First pic is day/ couple days after I took tape of. Bump since has seemed to have got worse. Occasionally when I re apply tape, the hump doesn't look as bad (possibly lighting) then when I take it of, it's there again. At the top on the sides, one side seems boner, also more tender than the other. This is worrying me that not enough was done.

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Swelling Could Affect Outcome

Thank you for your question, and I'm sorry you're disappointed in the preliminary results of the rasping. I would caution you against drawing any conclusions at this point, though. Swelling in the nose can take a significant amount of time to resolve, even after relatively minor surgery. For this reason, I suggest waiting a few more months before making any conclusions about your results. It's possible that your nose simply needs more time to heal into its new dimensions. Best of luck to you.

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Nasal bump

Thanks for your post. It is possible that not enough bone was removed during your nasal rasping. However, I would still wait for additional swelling to subside before drawing final conclusions. Most surgeons advocate waiting at least six months before performing revision nasal surgery. Good luck.

Mark Been, MD
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