Hit nose while sleeping 7 days post-op rhinoplasty. Started to bleed. Is it damaged? Will this impact results?

I hit my nose while sleeping 7 days post op rhinoplasty and it started to bleed. The bleeding stopped within a minute and now the left side of my nose is swollen and numb. Did I do permanent damage? Will this impact the results? I had a closed rhinoplasty to reduce the bulbous tip, and add more definition to the lower 2/3 of My nose. I also had an alar base reduction. The bridge bone was not broken however airways were opened.

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Positive Indicators, But See Your Doctor

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Even the most fastidious plastic surgery patients can't control what happens when they're asleep, so please don't feel bad. Events like yours are not uncommon. The fact that you only bled for a very short amount of time is promising, but it's difficult to say without examining your nose. You'll need to see your plastic surgeon to determine whether there was any significant damage.

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Nasal trauma after rhinoplasty

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It is difficult to say whether there is permanent damage at this point.  However, if it bled and is swollen after you hit it, you did hit hard enough that you may have shifted something inside.  It is hard to tell as there would've been swelling even prior to that.  I recommend that you contact your surgeon and let him/her know your concerns. 

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