Silhouette Lift or Facelift for 34 Year Old Woman?

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Thread lift limitations

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon I have significant experience in correcting the problems related to thread lifts. The threads often extrude, coil up, become infected or simply fail. Its not a useful technique and is really just a fad. You are much safer at your age to have conservative maintenance treatment with skin care, fillers and Botox if needed. Don't believe the hype. Attached here is a video that explains age related changes to our facial features over time. Cheers!

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Facelift at 34

   If you are concerned about the tear trough, Restylane to the area may be a better choice and far less invasive.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Options For 34 Year Old

I would say that at this point, you are too young for a face lift. I would suggest less invasive options, such as Sculptra or fillers. These types of procedures will help resolve issues you are experiencing without undergoing surgery. 

Thread Lifts Don't Last

Thread lifts of any kind including the Silouette Lift, Countour Lift, etc just don't last. The small barbs on the sutures (threads) just pull through the soft tissue of your fact until you are left with little signs of improvement and permanent foreign bodies (i.e. threads) left behind. There are a number of mini facelifts to choose from with minimal scars rather than a traditional facelift. My advice is to see a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate.

Silhouette Lift or Facelift for 34 Year Old Woman? You may be too young for either I would consider something minimally invasive

You may be too young for either I would consider something minimally invasive. Filling just might be the best thing for you and you can avoid all the incisions.

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Silhouette Lift or Facelift for 34 Year Old Woman?

It's hard to tell with your photograph which opton would be best for you.  Bigger procedures do give bigger results.  If you are not ready for a face lift you could try facial fillers such as Sculptra which is also deemed the "Liquid Face Lift".

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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Silhouette lift

All of these thread lift techniques I find suboptimal as for result.. Think of them like filler a short last and a little result. Less is not more in this case ...less is less.

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