10 days post op of Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, why is one side of my nasal bones hurts and is more swollen than the other?

its been 10 days since my surgery & 2 days since i took my cast off. the right side hurts a bit when i eat & feels more swollen but the other doesnt yesterday I pressed on my right side of the nose with pressure cuz i felt a slight bump, afterwards i obsessed of putting too much pressure and started noticing the slight pain and swelling. could i have shifted or altered anything. i dont see a change of appearance both sides look the same to me. please put me at ease as i keep obsessing over it.

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Uneven swelling and pain

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If both sides look the same, you likely not having any unusual problem.  It's common for one side to hurt more than the other.  Nevertheless, my feeling is that if you have any concerns this soon after surgery, it's best to have your surgeon take a look.  A lot depends on exactly what was done.  If the bones were fractured, its possible that one can be displaced if the fracture was unstable.  More than likely, everything is fine, but it's always best to check.

Abilene Facial Plastic Surgeon

Question about my nose 10 days following rhinoplasty

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I'm hoping that your plastic surgeon took your splint off. You want to avoid manipulating your nose in the early healing. It does not take a lot of pressure in some situations to alter your final outcome. Pain and swelling is not always symmetrical. The fact that you have more swelling

William G. Hart Jr., MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Not uncommon

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Though you are 10 days out from surgery, your nose is still in the early stages of healing.  The fact that one side is more sensitive doesn't point to a specific concern.  Depending the preoperative shape of your nose and what maneuvers were performed, there is the possibility that more intervention was required on one side over the other.  This may be particularly true if your nose was crooked and required straightening.  It is unlikely that you shifted your nose with slight pressure applied, but for any postoperative concern is best to consult your surgeon sooner than later.  Bone healing may take up to 6 weeks and during that time your nose will be more susceptible to external force.  Take caution with manipulation, wearing glasses, etc.  Again- would urge you to contact your surgeon.  Hope this helps.

Christian L. Stallworth, MD
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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