A sharp nerve type pain in my left forearm after brachioplasty.

I had brachioplasty 9 days ago and am experiencing a sharp nerve type pain in my left forearm. Also the skin on this arm feels very sensitive. Is this to be expected?

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Sharp pain?

This could be normal or it could be an issue, but only your plastic surgeon can tell you after they examine your arms. My patients get occasional shooting pains and these go away about 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. 

Best wishes always, Dr. ALDO :)

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Nerve pain after brachioplasty

Nerve discomfort in the forearm is fairly common after a brachioplasty due to nerve injury.  This may manifest as numbness, pain, dysesthesias, or tingling.  This type of thing usually resolves after a period of time, but not always.  You should discuss with your surgeon if it does not.

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A sharp nerve type pain in my left forearm after brachioplasty.

Thank you for your question.  This may be an indication of a nerve injury or sensitivity.  Please contact your surgeon to evaluate this further.  Good luck.

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9 days out

First off- please tell your surgeon so he or she can examine you to make sure everything is healing as expected.

That being said, it is not unusual to have such pains a few weeks after surgery as the nerves may be "coming back online" following the trauma of surgery.  Also, the skin may be hypersensitive for this same reason.  All sounds pretty normal to me. I find light compression to be effective in managing this.
Good luck

Dr. C

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Arm lift - nerve pain 9 days after surgery

Thank you for asking about your brachioplasty.

  • You are correct - arm lifts can cause exactly this kind of pain.
  • It's appearance 9 days after surgery suggests that the nerve was stretched or bruised slightly and is now recovering.
  • The skin will be sensitive where the nerve is sensitive.
  • Let your surgeon know so s/he can follow your nerve's recovery.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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