I was 3 weeks pregnant when my surgeon did a tummy tuck on me

They did a pregnancy test the day of the surgery and I'm assuming it was negative because they did the surgery anyways and didn't say anything to me I'm sacred for my baby .should I sue him?

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Pregnancy Testing Prior to Elective Plastic Surgery

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I am sorry that you had this experience.  While uncommon, it is not unheard of.  There currently no standards set by the national anesthesia or hospital bodies regarding pre-operative testing for women of child bearing age. It is however common to do urine testing at many out patient facilities on the day of surgery.  The problem is that urine testing is not always accurate.  Blood testing for pregnancy is much more accurate but rarely done as the results take a while to come back and would involve an added cost to the patient. The bottom line is that it sounds as if things were done right but your test was a false negative.  I have add a web reference for you here.I hope that helps and best wishes for your pregnancy.

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Elective Surgery and pregnancy

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Oh my gosh, you must be so worried. The first thing to do is go to your OB physician and have them check things out. Anesthesia during pregnancy can increase the risk to your baby. Your OB is the best physician to address that with you. However, remember that emergency surgery is done during pregnancy and babies come out fine, although everyone is very concerned and is watchful. I wish I didn't have to admit this, but I have had a patient that, in hindsight, became pregnant between the time we got a negative serum pregnancy test (7 days before) and her breast surgery. We all were very concerned and it was a very difficult time. That was over 8 years ago. Thankfully the baby was unharmed. I wish you the best and want to reassure you that the percentages are on your side. Take care of your health and baby first. The rest will work itself out.

Donald W. Hause, MD
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Dr Derby

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Thank you for your question. it is very important to do a blood test for pregnancy before your procedure. It might be wise to start with some echo exams to see if there is anything out of normal. Best of luck 

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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