How can I fix my droopy eyelids and eye shape? 23 yr old male (Photo)

I have droopy eyelids. I don't really like my eye shape or eyelids. For example eyes like Sean o Pry are what I would ideally like. Or the look like this woman has with her eyes. Is there anyway to achieve this or get them to a place I'd be happy with? Looking for any suggestions but curious if there are non - surgical ones.

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Mild ptosis

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There are two features that are apparent from the photo you have posted:1. You have mild bilateral upper eyelid ptosis...and I mean very mild. Your upper eyelids could be raised about 0.5 mm to 1 mm maximum to achieve a slightly more alert appearance. This is a surgery that can be considered for you after a consultation to ensure that realistic expectations can be set.
2. Mild lateral canthal dystopia. This is a very subtle condition whereby the outside corner of the eyelids is slightly lower than the inside corner of the eyelids (medial canthus). This does sometimes give the person a "sad" appearance. However, changing this appearance by performing a canthal raising procedure (canthoplasty) will significantly change the appearance and overall look of the patient, and is often not well received by the patient post-operatively. I almost never perform this procedure except for reconstructive purposes to re-establish anatomy. A cosmetic canthoplasty is a procedure that should be discussed often, but rarely performed.

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

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Hi slick_21,
Thanks for your question. Looking at your photo, I am not sure I understand your goals. Looking at photos of Sean O'Pry, I notice significant brow ptosis so I certainly would not recommend you have a procedure performed to drop your brow. Overall, attempting to achieve the look of a celebrity is nearly impossible because every human has a unique underlying facial and bone structure which determines how the skin and soft tissue lies.
If you have signficant concerns or would like to discuss how to improve your appearances, I would seek a consultation with a skilled oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon in your area. 

Good luck!

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