What can I do about my eye that looks popped out? (photos)

Both of my eyes originally are a little out but one eye looks more popped out because I ran into a branch and it swung and hit my eye super hard. The 1st picture is my left eye that looks popped out. The 2nd picture is a picture of me 4 years ago, the 2nd and 3rd photo has a picture of my right eye. If you compare my 2nd and 3rd picture, it looks different. I thought that maybe I just lost weight on my eye, am I right? If I'm not right do you think I can fix it with fillers?

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Not related to trauma

Looking at you photos, its really not possible to accurately compare one to another. But from experience, it is not very likely that the trauma that you describe is causing any effect on this perceived asymmetry.As mentioned by others, with aging, we lose our natural fat volume, and around the eyes, this will lead to excess eyelid skin, and skeletonization of the eye: the cushion around the eye deflates, leaving the eye more exposed. Seek an evaluation with an experienced oculoplastics surgeon that can address your bulgy eyes, as well as the aesthetics. Bulgy eyes can be much more difficult anatomy to address.Good luck

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Evaluation of the eyes

Dear Ali,
Thank you very much for your question.  Although there has been a trauma in the given region that you mention, the most likely reason for your changes that you observe with your eyes is age related.  Commonly as we get older we lose the baby fat in our face and your description falls in line with such.  Fillers, either pharmaceutically created or in the form of fat, can correct the volume loss that you mention.  Critical to your success is identifying a provider who specializes in treatment of the eyes and is also sensitive to the ancestral differences between individuals.  Hopefully this helps you as you find the right answer for you.

Be healthy and be well,

James M.  Ridgway, M.D., FACS

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Apparent asymmetry of the eyes - left eye proptosis?

An examination by an Oculoplastic Surgeon in your area would give you an accurate assessment of your eyes. There is a component of the examination called exophthalmometry that would determine the amount of proptosis. Generally weight changes, unless they are massive changes, do not cause asymmetry of the eye position or lid appearance. I don't believe that fillers in the upper lid area would be advisable, but you may hear different opinions on that. Best wishes.

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What can I do about my eye that looks popped out?

See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. Also see link below for a possible treatment. You likely have inherited relatively bulging eyes along with age related fat loss around eyes.

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