Am I a good lip lift candidate? Having trouble finding docs in Seattle with many before/afters (Photo)

Recommendations, pros/cons, opinions?Tried juvederm, restylane and belatero and different injectors. They don't last and always look duckish at first. My teeth barely show with a relaxed smile and don't show at all at rest. I even got aligners for my teeth and it didn't help. Is this the answer? Can it be done conservatively and still have impact? Can the lateral lip be rolled out more to give a more arched lip line? Can I expect to be reasonably healed in 5 days for light activity?

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Lip lift

Thank you for your pictures! You have obviously done your research.  In your case, I would search for someone who is comfortable doing modified lip lifts - meaning that they are comfortable ensuring that different parts of the lip are lifted in order to give the desired results that you are looking for.  A conservative, well done lip lift can make it such that you have increased volume of your upper lip, will adequately increase your tooth show during smile and at rest, all while maintaining a natural look to your lip.  As far as light activity - I usually don't remove sutures for 7 days.  I tell my patients to avoid activity for those seven days, and take it easy for the week after.  Decreasing as much stress on that area as well as sweat will improve how quickly you heal.  Every doc has different recommendations, and everyone heals differently as well.  But I would tell you to expect to take it easy for about 10-14 days.  I hope some of this helps! Best of luck.

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