Which is the Best Way to Remove Facial Surgery Scars Obtained Recently?

Any further plastic surgery required? Thanks.

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Scars improve on their own every day.

Depending on how "recently obtained" your facial surgery scars are, they may actually heal very well by themselves and even fade to nearly invisible. The best scars do this. The ability to do this is 50% the skill and technique of the surgeon, and 50% your own body's wound healing biology. My patients are always amazed to hear that scars don't reach their "final" look for about a year, and their "final final" look by 2 years. The truth is.... scars continue to improve every single day, even after that.

If your scars are really a problem, see a careful and talented plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon for evaluation, but don't rush to do anything right away. Waiting as long as possible always leaves the least amount to do, with the best possible outcome. Scar revision surgery, laser, massage, and other techniques can be brought to the table to help.

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Scar maturation first...then re-assess


If the wound is closed, you will probably be best served by waiting until the scar tissue matures. See a local plastic surgeon who can examine you to determine your best course of action.


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Facial scars, timing and what or how to improve them.

Scars are the result of injury and healing. All scars go through a predictable process of healing with unpredictable results.

Typically wounds are inflammed for 3-4 days, followed by a phase of proliferation lasting 6 weeks during which they enlarge as well as become thicker, wider and more red.

After 6 weeks and up to 2 years scars undergo a process called maturation at which point they become thinner and last red.

Generally we allow 3 months (12 weeks to elapse) prior to beginning to consider scar revision. During this time non-surgical interventions such as taping, massage, silicone gel sheeting, sun protection, etc are utilized.

There are a small group of physicians who believe that more agressive interventions sooner than this may help scars. This includes the use of lasers, IPL, dermabrasion, etc. However, this remains primarily anecdotal and largely unproven.

Although the use of Vitamin E, cocoa butter, Mederma, aloe vera are polular touted, the benefits remain essentially unproven as well.

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Facial surgery scars

Scars are permanent. However, you can sometime s reduce the appearance of the scars especially if they are not healing well. This can be done with scar revision, silicone sheeting, paper tape, massage, to name a few.

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