Treatments to Remove Deep Facial Scar? (photo)

Hi! I have a long deep scar on my right cheek and another two but smaller on my left cheek. It's from a domestic case from 8 years ago. What can I do to be normal again? It is so embarrassing. I feel shy. Pls help me.

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Surgical revision for facial scar

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Hi Marinela. We would suggest a surgical scar revision. Because you have light skin and the scar is not that deep, a skilled surgeon should be able to make the scar much less visible. We would not suggest dermal fillers as they would be expensive and temporary. At least with surgery, the expense is not incurred over and over again.

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Surgically revising a deep facial scar is your best option

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I think that your scar would be best treated with a surgical scar revision. It seems your scar has some width to it as well as depth, and only a surgical scar revision has the potential to make the scar more narrow. Also, I'm guessing the texture of your scar is an issue too, although I can't see it in the photo. Fillers will not narrow the wound or change the texture, so you will still have a wide scar with abnormal texture, even if a filler temporarily flattens the scar.

The other issue that many deep facial scars have is that the underlying tissue and muscles could have been damaged or may be tethered by scar tissue. This is often evident when smiling or talking. These underlying problems can be addressed during a surgical scar revision, but cannot be addressed with fillers.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can eliminate the scar completely, but a skilled plastic surgeon should be able to make it more discreet.

Treatment of facial scars

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A deep facial scar such as this one will require surgical treatment and excision.  Lesser treatments will not obliterate the scar. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Scar revision maybe plus Z-plasty

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A long scar like that would be best served by a scar revision maybe with additional Z-plasties to it break it up making it less visible.


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John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Filler a good option for atrophic scar

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The atrophic nature of your scar makes filler injection the best option. The gratification would be immediate. In the hands of an experienced board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, a variety of fillers can be considered, e.g. Perlane, Evolence, or Radiesse.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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