Information on Removal of Raised Buttocks Scar

Please help with some information on how to remove a scar I got from a fall on my buttocks that is very dark, rough and hideous, also besides the upraised scar there is a sink on the side of the scar, that seems to be destroying my life/self-esteem/ I cannot wear fitted pants because of this/ it is so obvious through the pants a raised lump 2" and a sink under it where the under usually cuts across, help,without the surgical way of cutting or laser? Five years ago I fell off a window sill onto a erect piece of iron, scarring my lower left side buttock cheek, I did not go to the hospital I left the wound to heal on its own, just applied some antibiotic powder. I have a raised scar about 2 inches on my buttocks that is darker than my skin, and beside the ugly keloid, because of the area exactly where the cut of my underwear runs, I have a deformity within the fleshy part around the scar(appears sunken) this is totally wrecking my personal esteem and life.?????

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Knowing your option for traumatic and keloid scars

As Dr. Ting suggested, there are several options that may prove viable to improve the appearance of your scar which can be carried out by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.  Since you describe your life being so affected by this condition, we would encourage you to begin research into treatment modalities by scheduling a few consultations.

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Exhaust medical treatment for keloid scar prior to surgical revision

You should get help from a board-certified dermatologist right away to soften the keloid portion of the scar with intralesional steroid and prescription strength medicated cream. The atrophic/depressed can be filled in with fillers such as Radiesse with relatively instant gratification. Hyperpigmentation can be lessened with regular moisturization and prescription strenght bleaching cream. Surgical intervention is to be avoided unless the medical approach as suggested above has been exhausted.

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