Scar in my Nose Bridge, Is this Normal When Getting an Implant? (photo)

Ok , i notice righ after surgery that my doctor cut me from the middle of my eyebrows in a vertical way to the midlle of my nose, he told me he was going to give me implant to help my profile but i tought he was going to put it from te inside and not cut my nose in the middle, would this leave a scar? also is this normal i havent foung a similar case in the internet

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Scar in my Nose Bridge

It is very difficult to answer your question without examining you.  At times a stitch is used on the bridge to hold a graft in place but there is no actual incision so there will not be a scar

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Scar on Nasal Bridge after Rhinoplasty

Are you sure this was done to place an implant? I've never seen an implant placed through an external incision. I cannot clearly see the wound adjacent to your cast. Small incisions are sometime made in this area for osteotomies which heal very well. Talk to your surgeon.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Nasal Implant


I have never seen an implant put in through a nasal dorsal incision. I have used a nasal dorsal suture to secure a dorsal implant but every implant is place through an open rhinoplasty approach. However, I learn something new every day.



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Scar on nose from implant

While it is much less common to place an implant by a direct incision over the nasal bridge, it can be done that way although I personally never have. You might want to discuss the approach with your surgeon. Typically scars do heal well in that area.

Scott Trimas, MD
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