In What Ways Can the Male Nose Naturally Change in Shape from Age 10-21?

My genetics played tug of war the past 23 years: 0-14: motherly resemblance, 15-18: fatherly ", 19-now: even mixmy mother and father look very different: My father has more sharp/hawk-like and even slightly Native American looking features, while my mother has a straight profile with a button nose, high/straight forehead, ect. Also, is it normal for crookedness or a dorsal hump to develop during puberty if there was not trauma or injury?

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Nose growth with age

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The nose can change significantly through the late teens and it is normal for crookedness or a dorsal hump to develop during puberty even if there was not trauma or injury

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Does a Nose Naturally Change Throughout Growth

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A nose can naturally change as a child grows, especially during puberty. Your individual genetics play a major role in this. The effects of unknown nasal trauma as a newborn or during infancy may not become apparent until later in nasal development as a teenager.

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Nose development

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A 10 year old will have a child's nose, relatively small and generally without a bump.

As you go through puberty there is a marked growth spurt of the mid face and nose, both inside and out, and you can develop a bump on top of your nose as well as other appearance changes inherited from your parents.

At this growth spurt in puberty you can indeed develop a crooked nose which is not necessarily related to a previous trauma, but related to underlying asymmetry in your face.  They show a classic pattern and appearance which your surgeon should be able to recognize.  Of course a majority of crookedness at this stage is related to earlier trauma.

Your facial development is basically complete by age 23 or so.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
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Testosterone affects nasal growth

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As a male matures, testosterone has an important effect in strengthening the skeletal structure of the entire face. For example, testosterone causes the bone density to increase and causes a final growth spurt in the growth centers of the nose into the early 20's. Most people notice this as a hump and/or thickening or widening of the nasal bones. Crookedness is usually always trauma related - could even be when you were a toddler and fell onto your nose while learning to walk.

Edward Szachowicz, MD, PhD
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