Best way to reverse buccal fat removal?

Hello, I had my buccal fat pads removed 3 months ago and I hate the result. I'm trying to find a way to fix it permanently. I know fat injections are very unpredictable so I was wondering if I could actually cut two pieces of fat out of somewhere else in my body instead of do a liposuction and place them in the buccal area? What do you think about it? Are fat injections a better option? Ps: I don't want cheek implants

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Reverse Buccal Fat Removal

Patients should wait at least 6 months before contemplating buccal fat reversal as further changes can still occur.  Techniques to reverse buccal fat include the use of fat transfer as well as facial fillers (sculptra, radiesse, etc).  Use your before pictures and after pictures to find out what you don't like about the buccal fat procedure and this will hopefully guide you in whether correction is appropriate and if so where and with what.

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Best way to reverse buccal fat removal? = fat transfer or sculptra

The effects of buccal fat removal may be camouflaged with either fat transfer to the face or placement of soft tissue fillers like sculptra. 
Most of the time, patients are dissatisfied with buccal fat removal when they had bo good cheek bone prominence, which is essential to achieve a chiseled appearance with the procedure. 

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