Which procedure will fix my puffy cheeks/fat face?

I have a fat face, but I am not overweight. I do not like how there is that shadow under my chin. I would like to hear your advice on how to fix my face. (Chin implant/augmentation? Buccal fat removal? Liposuction?) I am not interested in losing weight. Even when I was a few pounds less in the past, my face was still a bit puffy. Also, my natural resting face looks like a bit like I am frowning. If there is any way to fix that too, please let me know. I appreciate any comments.

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Which procedure will fix my puffy cheeks/fat face? = buccal fat removal might be an option #chubbycheeks

In patients with chubby lower anterior cheeks, buccal fat pad removal might be the procedure that could help to address that physical finding if candidate.
Patients interested to determine if buccal fat removal is the procedure that would help them to correct chubby cheeks, should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery of the face

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