Can buccal fat removal be done more than once? (Photo)

I did it one time to my cheeks and I wanted to go round 2. The doc told me I couldn't because the fat had already been removed. I still feel I have fat cheeks, what should I do? Can it be done twice?

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Buccal fat pad removal can only be done once

The buccal fat pad is a distinct collection of fat in the cheek.  When removed, it is removed in its entirety and will not grow back.  No, there is no such thing as round 2.  
Your photos demonstrate a depression of the cheeks consistent with prior buccal fat pad removal.  Any residual excess fat elsewhere in the cheeks is best addressed by weight loss or facial liposuction.

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Can buccal fat removal be done more than once? = very unlikely #chubbycheeks #buccalfatremoval

If properly done, once  buccal fat is removed surgically, it is not possible to get it remove again because it is already gone.
Buccal fat pad could help to achieve a more sculpted chiseled face in patients with certain facial features. However, many factors, including amount of overall fat in the body affects the appearance of the face. If the amount of total body fat is elevated, the cheeks, specially the upper cheeks will look chubby even if buccal fat has been removed. Therefore, lowering the total body fat may improve the chubby cheeks not caused by buccal fat. 

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