Raw skin from microneedling - day 4 post procedure

I received micro needling 4 days ago. I was told should be a day or two of downtime. After day 4, my skin is still very dry, raw and not healed (pics attached). I also have raw patches on the skin. Is raw skin to be expected after micro needling? If so, how do you suggest treating it so it does not become infected or scar? I have called the doctors office but wanted to get another opinion as this was not the expectation set regarding aftercare. Thank you.

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Red and Raw--Add prp and lasers to microneedling

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It is normal to have redness after microneedling for a few days and this is due to inflammation and histamine release. Since it hasn't resolved in a few days, please consult your Dr for aftercare.  I find adding PRP decreases redness more quickly and we like to do microneedling with lasers to get better outcomes.  Best, Dr. Emer

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