Alex Trivantage laser / VBeam for scar / skin atrophy? (photos)

My acne lesion was treated with cortisone in Jan-16. There was then atrophy. Spot was filled with Restylene. Few months past and spot began to show signs of atrophy again as well as hyperpigment/scarring. In August, I had a single treatment of V-Beam laser followed by a single treatment of Alex TriV, a month apart. It scabbed and I had pinkish skin after. Was hoping the pink skin would even out with the rest of my skin tone, but it has now darkened / gone back to the color it was pre treatment.

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A Successful Combination

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It usually takes multiple sessions and a combination treatment to improve a scar's appearance. I use a combination approach to patients with scars including lasers, Fraxel/Clear+Brilliant, and Microneedling/PRP.  Each scar should be treated independently and a formal in person consultation is needed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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