Did my implant shift, flip, or rupture? Can it be manipulated back into place? 2 weeks postop. (Photo)

I am exactly 2 weeks postop today. I got Sientra 415cc silicone textured round. I was instructed to sleep on my side early on to encourage pocket formation healing and have been doing so. Yesterday, I fell asleep on my side, and I woke up lying on my chest. I was only asleep for an hour, but immediately got up and felt a weird sensation in my boobs. It feels like a strain and pain at the top and sides, and the bottoms are numb (it was not before), I feel the implant now, and visually different.

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Implant appearance change

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Based on the style of implants (textured round) you have, it is highly unlikely that an implant flipped.  There is a lot of friction between the implant and your tissues that minimizes movement.  It is possible that the implant may have shifted as a result of lying on your chest, or you may have had a pectoralis muscle spasm, asymmetrical swelling, or some other process.  A flipped implant is a possibility, but a lot less likely one than the causes I just mentioned.  The best option is to see your surgeon in the near future for an in-person evaluation, so that he or she can assess the situation and manipulate the implant if necessary.  Keep in mind, 2 weeks is very early in the process and things will naturally look better as each week goes by.  Good luck!

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Did my implant shift, flip, or rupture?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and I am sorry to hear of your recovery issues. I would favor seeing your surgeon for an in-person evaluation. It is unlikely that your implant flipped but I see the changes that have taken place and this should be evaluated with an in-person examination.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Post op breast augmentation

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you are very early in your post op recovery. As time progresses, your implants will settle as the swelling subsides and the implants drop. This will take 8-12 months. Be patient.

Susan Kaweski, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Did my implant shift, flip, or rupture? Can it be manipulated back into place? 2 weeks postop

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Thank you for the question. It's unlikely that your implants flipped, but it is possible. I would continue to stay in close contact with your surgeon and ask their opinion. They will likely want to examine you.Unless the implant is obviously flipped, then it's probably worth waiting to see how things settle out in the next several months.

Implant Malposition

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Thank you for the informative photos.  There is certainly a difference between the photos you have posted.  It would be really hard to cause the implants to flip, specially early on, can it happen, yes, but difficult.I can not say with certainty what is exactly going on with an examination.  I would recommend continuing your follow up with your plastic surgeon and taking it from there.  I would probably sit tight at this point and see how things shape up in the next 4 months and if something needs to be done it can be done at that point.
Hope that helps.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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