Do the Sientra textured gummy bear shaped implants will "giggle" like real breasts when walking, running, etc.

I've had saline, under the muscle, round smooth implants for 16 years. I'm 41 years old and have had 2 kids (ages 15 & 21). I have a pretty thin build at 5'5" 128 lbs and was a 32A, possibly 32AA prior to having my implants. I have almost no breast tissue. I'm scheduled for BA in 1 week and I'm supposed to be getting these, over the muscle, but have read conflicting reviews. Concerned about rippling, feel & movement. I want to know if they feel squishy like natural breasts? Thank you!

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Will Textured Shaped Gel Implants "Giggle"?

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The new generation highly cohesive gel implants will be completely different from your old saline implants. In general, silicone gel implants are softer and less prone to visible rippling. All "shaped" implants are textured so that they will adhere to your tissues. This is necessary so that the implant does not rotate which obviously would not look right. While gel implants in general are much less prone to rippling that does not mean that they are guaranteed not to ripple. The highly cohesive "Gummy Bear" implants are the least prone to rippling, but again, it is not a guarantee that the won't ripple, particularly if you have very thin tissues.

Given that you obviously do have very thin tissues, the question is, why are you having the implants placed on top of the muscle? The most clear indication for placing an implant under the muscle is thin tissues. If your implant is on top of the muscle you may still be at risk for visible rippling even with a gel implant. In regard to the "giggling" question, textured surface implants are designed so that there is microscopic tissue ingrowth into the surface of the implant creating adherence. This prevents your implant from rotating and tends to hold it in position. If you have a smooth surface saline implant it may have giggled, but it also thinned your tissues, and if it was reasonably large, it displaced down and outwards over time. A textured surface will not move in that way. Some people therefore feel that textured surface implants are not "natural". There is some truth in that, but at the same time the textured implant will better hold it's position and is more predictable. The movement and feel of a textured implant is still soft but with less motion as seen in a very youthful breast. 

If you want a result that moves about more easily then a smooth surface implant would be a better choice. If you did decide to go with a smooth surface "gummy bear" type implant then I would definitely place it under the muscle to minimize risks of both capsular contracture and visible rippling. You may want to discuss all these issues in more detail with your surgeon. 

Sientra Breast Implants and Feel

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Thank you for your question about Sientra Breast Implants.

No, in general textured anatomically shaped gummy bear breast implants do not typically "giggle" or undulate with movement.  They are more form stable and feel firmer that regular silicone gel breast implants.

To be sure, see two or more experienced, board-certified Plastic Surgeons in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

Under muscle implants best for thin patients

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For thin patients it is usually best to have the implants under the muscle for a more natural look. The cohesive gel shaped implants are firm and so they will not feel as squishy as natural breasts.

Breast Implant Repalcement- do new implants move when excercising?

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When replacing old implants that were likely smooth silicone gel or saline, you hopefully will find that Sientra cohesive gels are superior in comfort and shape.

If your original implants are below the muscle, then I would place the new ones there as well.  It is a better pace for implants- having a muscle layer between the implant and your thin skin and breast tissues. It is better for mammograms and ultrasounds, and likely decreased chance of contracture and ripples

In my practice, I have found that using a textured gel Sientra Implant provides and outstanding result in terms of comfort and shape. For a really thin patient without much droop, I like the anatomic shaped implants with the classic  base or round base-- they look amazing and are really natural in appearance. The do not ripple visibly.

With motion and exercise, they stay put rather  than shift  much.  They feel really natural and soft, though do not "bounce and Jiggle".  That usually happens more in larger or  looser skinned patients  with a smooth implant that has room to move.  The textured gels will not move much.

If your surgeon uses a smooth implant , then you may have more movement, which really does not change things much. 

I use all three major brands of implants, and have found Sientra to be outstanding and are now my preferred implant.

Best of luck in healing and a great outcome. I hope this information helps.

Shaped textured implants

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are firmer than standard round smooth implants... but they ripple less and are designed so they aren't supposed to have the mobility of a smooth round implant.  But when they do move, it could lead to malposition and more surgery.  If you like the movement of your current implants, it makes more sense to just have it replaced with smooth round gel implants.  What are the reasons for changing to a shaped gel implant?  And if you do go above the muscle, is your muscle going to be 'repaired'?  Lots of questions and you should make the best decision for yourself when you get all the answers.

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