I chipped my tooth while eating popcorn and just want to know the best way to approach fixing this? (Photo)

Why this happen? Is it my bite ?

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Chipped Tooth

Traumatic dental injuries often occur in accidents or sports-related injuries. Chipped Teeth account for the majority of all dental injuries. Dislodged  or  Knocked-Out teeth are examples of less frequent, but more severe injuries. Treatment depends on the type, location and severity of each injury. Any dental injury, even if apparently mild, requires examination by a dentist immediately. Sometimes, neighboring teeth suffer an additional, unnoticed injury that will only be detected by a thorough dental exam.

Red Bank Dentist

Chipped tooth eating popcorn

Thank you for your question!Popcorn is delicious but it can be tough on our teeth sometimes.  From the photo, it looks like possibly it was a crown/filling/porcelain that may have chipped off.  I would see a dentist and have them take an X-ray and so an exam to assess the break.  In the mean time, keep it clean if it is not too sensitive.  Some of your options may be but not limited to the following:  a filling, crown or onlay depending on how the large the chip is.  Hopefully, the chip is just on the surface and not internal too the tooth.
Good luck!

Melissa Chun, DDS
San Bernardino Dentist

Broken tooth

in the  review of the photo , the breaking of of the inside portion of the tooth will require a crown. Luckily with today's technology, you can get your final crown in one visit.    With digital impression and cad cam technology , you can get your final crown in about an hour and a half.   Good luck it's an easy visit .

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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