Chipped front tooth - how urgent to get it treated and options? (Photo)

Hi, I have just chipped my tooth as per the photo attached and even though there is no pain, it looks so awful in my opinion and I am worried about it. I would like to get it treated - I am not sure how easy it is due to location and if it would be better to have a filing or it filled down? I am on holiday in the Philippines and not sure if I should pay to return a week early to get this fixed asap or if it can wait until I return home? Many thanks in advance, Vita

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Does this Chipped Tooth Need Immediate attention

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Of course not. You have nice teeth so the size of this small chip looks huge to you compared to other people. Most people would not notice and I would just continue on my vacation and forget about it! See your dentist when you come back and her will bond that area and contour it so it looks beautiful again!  Enjoy your time off!

Van Nuys Dentist

Chipping of Teeth, Dental Bonding and Vacation!

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Hi There!

Don't you just hate it when something like this happens on vacation?!  You did well to reach out.  It is not serious and you can wait (as I have in answering you!  lol!  Actually just saw this myself.)  Enjoy your vacation (I am jealous...Philippines yes!)  See your dentist when you get back.  You have plenty of enamel in that area of your tooth.  It can wait.  And just make sure the close up pics you take are from the good side of your smile!

Chipped tooth

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There is no reason to worry about it. You can continue enjoyin your vacations and once you retunr to your country it will be fixed with composite in one visit by an sthetic dentistry. So continue enyoing your vacations, that is just matter of aesthetic.

Good luck!

Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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Chipped tooth

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Enjoy the rest of your vacation and get it fixed when you come home. It is unsightly but not an emergency. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Chipped Tooth

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Hi there, thank you for your question. This can wait until you get home. You should visit your dentist and they will be able to restore the tooth with an aesthetic filling. 

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