Did I need a root canal based on my X-Rays? Seeking 2nd opinion. I recently visited a dentist for a routine check up. (photos)

They told me based on my X-rays that I have a few cavities. Once they began addressing these cavities, they said they would need to do an emergency root canal. One of the teeth was worse than they thought. I had no pain in my teeth prior to this nor indication of infection. My tooth has been hurting since the root canal (2 sittings and over 4 hours). I researched root canal after and realized what a huge deal it is. Based on attached x-rays, did I need the root canal or do I have other cavities?

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Root canal?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to read your xrays in the picture. It is not uncommon for a tooth that has no symptoms to need a root canal once the decay is removed, if the decay is very deep. Xrays often don't show the true picture of the decay because they are a flat view of a three dimensional object. Root canals are an excellent way to preserve a tooth that is very decayed. The other option would be removal of the tooth. I'm sure your dentist is looking out for your best interest. If you have concerns about your treatment you could get a second opinion. 

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