Back of front tooth chipped, no pain at all. What should I expect? (photos)

A few months ago, I chipped the back of my front tooth. It's not painful at all. The only reason it even bothers me is because I know it's there. I meant to go to the dentist but I have had terrible past experiences and didn't go out of fear. However, I do want to sort it out. It's just a small piece that came off and there is absolutely no pain or discomfort. What should I expect?

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Back of Front Tooth

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Very nice photo!
It looks as though you have a cavity in at least the one tooth, and perhaps both teeth.
The decay will keep going and growing to the point you will either feel it or the darkness 
from the decay will show through to the front of the tooth.
As much as you may dread seeing the dentist, you really should get in there right away
to catch the problem while it is still a small one.
Some dental offices offer sedation to make the visit(s) more comfortable. Many sedatives
offer the effect that you won't remember the visit!
Best of luck to you. 

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