I hate my upper eyelid shape. (photos)

Hello. I dislike my eye shape very very much. My eyes look extremely tired, lazy, and small. With the photos side by side you'll see what I mean. My eye shape is very squinty and lazy/tired. The upper eyelid shape I would like is very nice and open at the top, the crease is nice and high and open, right along side the brow bone. I'm curious if I can fix this with some sort of skin repositioning and fat removal, or if I have to do something like a bony orbital contouring.

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You're young for eyelid surgery but. . .

You're remind me a little bit of a patient I operated on who was in her late 20s. She worked in media and she also felt her upper eyelids were too heavy but the more practical issue for her was she had difficulty with her makeup before work.What we did for her was minimal skin removal and conservative fat removal from the middle and nasal fat compartments of the upper eyelids. It made some improvement but she still look like herself. I think the goals that you set for yourself maybe a little out of reach but there is some room for improvement.

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Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can fix bags, dark circles, droopy eyelids, and tear trough issues. A variety of innovative techniques may be employed, depending on the clinical situation. These techniques include the transconjunctival approach with arcus marginalis release and fat redistribution as opposed to excision, selective use of lateral canthopexy, skeletal augmentation and midface elevation.

Michael J. Yaremchuk, MD
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Eye shape

It appears to me that the outer corners of your eyes (lateral canthus/canthi) are about 2 millimeters lower than the inner corners (medial canthus/canthi). That's 'normal' but it is 'more normal' for the outer corner to be about 2 millimeters higher than the inner corner, as the desired-appearance photographs you show represent. In my opinion, you should see an oculoplastic surgeon who can perform a 'canthoplasty' to raise the outer corners slightly.

Daniel Lensink, MD
Redding Oculoplastic Surgeon
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