Does smoking marijuana effect dental implants?

I have two fake teeth (dental implants) with no bone graphing, i smoke weed every day and I am wondering if I am damaging my health or if it doesn't matter.

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Smoking Marijuana Effect Dental Implants

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Smoking marijuana is not good for your health. Also smoking affects the health of the teeth and oral tissues. If you recently have a dental implant then it is recommended to avoid smoking as it will decrease the life of your implants. 

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Smoking marijuana

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smoking marijuana is anyways not good for health. now come to implant, smoking is contra indicated. in addition marijuna reduces salivary flow and that increases bacterial grown and increase chances of implant failure.

Marijuana and Dental Implants

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It's not a good idea to smoke marijuana especially before any surgical procedures in the mouth. Cannabis can be associated with a decrease in the salivary flow, alteration in new bone formation, as well as the possibility of stomatitis (inflammation of the oral tissues). 

Smoking and Dental Implants

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Smoking in general (cannabis or cigarettes) increases the possibility of implant failure. When working to maintain a healthy oral lifestyle, it is important to consider your diet, how many times you brush your teeth, and your day to day  habits. The usage of cannabis, especially daily increases  your chances of gum disease and failed implants. In turn this can make your teeth fall out or become so severely damaged they will need to be removed. 

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