What does it mean if I don't have enough space for a dental implant, because of my root?

I am currently in braces to make space for 2 missing lateral incisors. My dental surgeon said I have enough space, just my root needs to be moved??? How would braces fix my root to prepare for implants?

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Dental implants

We use braces/orthodontic treatment to re-arrange teeth and adjust spaces before placing dental implants. For example, teeth can be separated or uprighted to allow proper angulation for a dental implant. 

Creating adequate space to place dental implants

What you describe is actually a very common scenario.
It's not unusual for the space above the gumline to be sufficient for an implant to be placed, however, the space between the roots of the adjacent teeth is insufficient.
It typically is not difficult for an orthodontist to realign your brackets and correct this situation. 

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Dr. Champagne

Richard Champagne, DMD
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Implant space

its easy to achieve proper space for implant by braces treatment . remember aligner will not work.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
India Dentist
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Implant, braces


Normally when using braces to create space it requires the roots of the teeth to be moved as well not just the crown portion of the tooth to be tilted.  If there is any tilting of the tooth without proper root movement there will not be any space for an implant. 

For proper assessment X-rays are definitley necessary.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
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Not enough space for implants

the implant post needs to be placed between the tooth roots without touching the roots. If the roots are tilted into the space, braces can be placed on the teeth to cause the roots to move out of the way. This is used all of the time to correct the lack of space issue. 

Kathy Frazar, DDS, FAGD
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