Is it OK to leave a broken teeth under a bridge support on implants?

I have had 19 implants fitted. The dentist has provided a temporary bridges while the zirconian bridges are made. I removed the temporaries and notice tooth 37 broken off at gumline with a implant immediately beside it. Tooth 35 also has tooth remaining. I am concerned about decay in these teeth after the final bridge goes on in three days. Is this satisfactory?

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Can bad teeth affect dental implants?

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Unless there is a reason to not remove the broken tooth, I would strongly recommend having it extracted.
If left in place, there's potential for the broken tooth to cause periodontal problems for the implants.

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Broken tooth

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Having a broken tooth  in general can cause damage, severe pain, discomfort and has the potential to decay.  There may be nerve damage in  the tooth that you have not yet been discovered as well as potentially affecting other teeth. I strongly recommend going to your dentist before having the bridge placed over the broken tooth. Placing a bridge over the bridge can cause tooth decay, extreme discomfort, and pain. 

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