I have lost my upper first premolar left and right. What would be the best solution to my case?

As I am worried that space will affect the nearby premolars

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Dental implants to replace missing teeth

There are several factors that will determine what your best solution is to replace these missing teeth.
You'll need to discuss with your dentist if the space that currently exists is sufficient to place an implant as well as your current risk for cavities and gum disease.
Another important consideration is the condition of the teeth that are adjacent to the space. You would want to take into consideration whether these adjacent teeth are virgin or have already received treatment.

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Restoration options

u have three options

1. implant, 2. bridge, 3. partial denture.

but i can see as u r from malaysia, where implants r not so much expensive so best option for u is dental implant.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
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Missing permolare, options, bridge, implants


Depending on the space and the health of the adjacent teeth you have three options:

1.  If you have healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth and there is sufficient space and bone, implants would be the best options

2.  Fixed bridge that requires shaving down the teeth on either side of the missing teeth.

3.  Removable  partial to replace the missing teeth on both side.  This is the least expensive option.


Dr. Maddahi

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Best solution for lost 1st premolars

Replacement of these teeth with dental implants and crowns would act like natural teeth and stimulate the bone to prevent future resorption(bone loss).  This would be the best way to replace your 1st premolars.  

Gary Braunstein, DDS
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