Is it safe to take a Medral dose pak (methyleprednisolne) a few days after lower bleph with CO2 skin laser resurfacing?

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This is a common drug to use after cosmetic surgery.

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While it is commonly used and it does accelerate the reduction in swelling, it is not always necessary.  It is generally safe but like any drug, it does have side effect.  You physician and pharmacist should discuss these issues with you.  The medrol dose pack is a short course of steroids.  However, it is possible to have side effects.  Make sure that you are aware of these and know what to do if you experience them.  Generally we recommend discontinuing the medication and contacting your physician immediately.  

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Medrol dose pack is safe to take.

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The short dose of steroids in a Medrol dose pack should have no adverse effects on your recovery from surgery.  As steroids have antiinflammatory properties, you may see your swelling decreasing faster,  If your plastic surgeon did not prescribe the Medrol dose pack, it would get best to check with him/her first just in case.

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