I've had gynecomastia since I was 12. I'm 14 now. Is there any treatment I can take for it at this age?

I've had gyno, for a long while, it's very annoying, everyone makes fun of me, etc.. Anyways, I was wondering if there are any treatment, and if I can take surgery for it at this age. It's been since 2012, and yet it hasn't gone away, help please! 

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About Teens and Their Gynecomastia Concerns

The male breast is composed of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. An excess in either type of tissue can cause the chest to take on the look of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can affect men of all different body types. There are different types of #gynecomastia.

Particularly, Normal Gynecomastia is usually apparent in males between the ages of 12 to 15 years old. It is also common for older men 65 years old or more who experience a drop in their testosterone levels. #Normal Gynecomastia takes approximately one to two years to naturally regress on its own.

Adolescent Gynecomastia is hereditary and usually appears in 30% to 60% of boys between the ages of nine to fourteen. Many cases of adolescent gynecomastia resolve on its own as the boy grows into adulthood. Some with #Adolescent may choose to undergo surgery to correct the situation, this usually happens at the age of 18 or above. In severe cases in young boys, the physician and child development specialists will need to speak to the parents regarding the severity of the gynecomastia and if surgery is an option before the age of 18.

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I've had gynecomastia since I was 12. I'm 14 now. Is there any treatment I can take for it at this age?

I am sorry to hear about the physical and psychosocial problems you have experienced. Good advice would necessitate in person evaluation but if you are dealing with pubertal gynecomastia it often resolves within 1 to 3 years after onset.  If persistent, it is often best treated with partial excision of the prominent glandular tissue as well as liposuction surgery of the peripheral chest area. If the prominence of the chest wall is caused by adipose tissue, then liposuction surgery may suffice.

When the time is right, seek consultation (with your parents) with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients achieve the types of outcomes you will be pleased with. I hope this, and the attached link, helps. Best wishes.

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Can I have gynecomastia surgery as teenager?

Yes, you can have gynecomastia surgery as a teenager with your parents consent. You should make sure that that is not caused by some endocrine problem and your family doctor should be able to determine that.

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Gynecomastia Surgery at 14?

With support from your parents, it is possible to have surgery at your age. However, if you are still growing you may need to have surgery again in the future. Male breasts in the adolescent can be extremely painful, causing psychological issues. In some cases surgery is definitely warranted. Be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that specializes in gynecomastia with your parents. Good luck!

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Thank you for your question and if your gunecomastia has not resolved surgery is an excellent option once cleared by a pediatric endocrinologist.  Surgery will remove all the gland and restore your self esteem so see an expert in your area

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you should consider seeing a pediatric endocrinologist.  There may be hormone treatment you could consider to block estrogen which may help your condition.  Surgery is also a good option.  Good luck!!

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Depending on your weight, some loss may be of benefit.  However, you are going through hormonal changes now, and it would be best to wait for these to stabilize.  However, if your breasts are a significant problem, liposuction and/or surgical excision would definitely help.

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Thank you for your question. If the gynecomastia has not gone away in 2 years, it probably needs surgical removal. This can be done at your age provided that you have your parent's consent. The procedure to correct gynecomastia is permanent. When the time is right for you, be sure to talk to a Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in this procedure. Best of luck.  

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Jouvenile gynecomastia

You may consider gynecomastia repair but this requires surgery and would require consent of your parents. This surgery is very effective and a permanent solution. Please see results below.

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